"I can’t stand “real” men. Masculinity is trash. Go cry in a corner, write in a diary, hug your mom. Please. I’ve felt the painful consequences of this posturing for too long; seen fragile men who never should have been told to be anything else in the first place crack under the weight of our flawed expectations. Let our boys paint. Let them wear skinny jeans and read Ellison. However soft spoken or uncoordinated, leave them be."
Joshua Bennett
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"the power of queer as a verb, something beyond slur, something that destabilizes the binary oppositions separating one identity from another. Queering throws the whole order of things into flux. It agitates, and often erases imaginary lines demarcating female from male, gay from straight, masculine from feminine, submissive from dominant. It is liberating."
— Tucker Neel
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