Californian appeals court will not rehear arguments for Proposition 8

6 June 2012, 1:04pm

Arguments about the constitutionality of California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriages will not be reheard after the motion failed to secure enough support among judges.

In February of this year, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals had decided 2-1 to uphold the decision by Judge Vaughn Walker that Proposition 8 violated due process and equal protection clauses of the US constitution.

A challenge had aimed to have the appeals court’s decision examined again by a panel of 11 judges before any supreme court hearing.

If the en banc hearing had gone ahead, it would have delayed the final decision on Proposition 8 by a year. However, the requisite 13 of the court’s 25 active judges could not be found to support the motion to rehear the case, clearing the way for an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Evan Wolfson, founder and President of Freedom to Marry said yesterday’s decision “brings committed same-sex couples in California one step closer to being able to marry”.

He added: “It’s now been three-and-a-half years since the freedom to marry was stripped from from loving and committed same-sex couples. It is long past time for this ‘gay exception’ to marriage in California to come to an end. Freedom to Marry calls on all Americans to join us in continuing to make as strong a case in the court of public opinion as legal advocates are making in the court of law.”

The announcement is the latest of many decisions regarding marriage equality and the courts in California. In May 2008, the state’s supreme court had ruled that Proposition 22 passed in 2000 and other statutes that limited marriage as being between a man and a woman violated the equal protection clause of the state constitution.

By June of 2008, the ballot measure Proposition 8, designed to overturn the ruling, had received 1.12 million signatures in support. On the same day as Barack Obama was elected, just over seven million Californians voted in favour of banning same sex marriage, compared to six and a half million voting to retain it. 

During the time that gay couples were allows to marry, more than 18,000 did so. In 2010, following a lengthy public trial, Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the voter-initiated Proposition 8 was unconstitutional.

Judge Walker ruled that the measure violated the equal protection clause in the United States constitution by revoking the right of gays and lesbians to marry a member of the same sex.

Until a Supreme Court decision, which could be made next year, the ban on gay marriages in California effectively remains in force as a result of stayed rulings.

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So, Lip Service is back soon.

So, Lip Service is back soon.

February 24, 2012CULTURE

by Fairy Cake

The anticipation is killing us.

The new series of lip Service started filming last summer and should be on our screens soon. Here’s what the Beeb emailed us :

As well as revisiting the lives of LIP SERVICE favourites Cat (Laura Fraser), Sam (Heather Peace), Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), Tess (Fiona Button) and Sadie (Natasha O’Keeffe), the forthcoming second series introduces exciting new characters into the tangled web of sex, lies and true love set in contemporary Scotland.

Amongst the new faces, Anna Skellern (WE, The Descent) plays Lexy, a naturally witty, straight-talking doctor from Australia who works in the ER department of the local hospital. And it’s not long before Lexy finds herself drawn into the friends’ lives, immersed in events she could never have anticipated. Also joining the cast are Sinead Keenan (Being Human), Neve McIntosh (Single Father), Stuart McQuarrie (Hustle) and Adam Sinclair (Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy) alongside firm favouritesJames Anthony Pearson as Ed and Emun Elliot as Jay.

Who are these ladies and gents? Well one things for certain; they’re all white. And it seems that our Black butch electrician Fin has just evaporated. I’m sure DFC will be writing a post about this, but for a show that is supposed to be all about showing diversity, Lip Service is decidedly notverydiverse.

Anyway – let’s rate this lot.

Anna Skellern

The good : Anna is from Oz, and starred in the genu-terrifying The Descent. She’s also been in Poirot, which we watch with our parents at Christmas and secretly enjoy, and did a bit of girl-on-girl in the movie Siren (which was shit, but may mean she’s a bit better at faux-fingering than Ruta ‘Punch-you-in-the-uterus’ Gedmintas). Plus – more shoulder blade than you can handle.

The bad : She was in Outnumbered with Hugh Dennis. That show needs to go away.

Neve McIntosh

The Good : We think that she has the potential to play a really convincing lesbian.

The Bad : That might be solely because of that really convincing yet terrible lesbian haircut.

Sinead Keenan

The Good : Looks like a sexy lion. Which is sort of right, since Sinead was in Being Human playing a ladywerewolf. She was also in Poirot! Everyone has been in Poirot!

The Bad : We don’t want another Tess on our hands, and there’s something about Sinead’s countenance that makes us think that’s how she’ll be cast. Fingers crossed for someone strong and less 2-dimensional.

Stuart McQuarrie

The good : Genuinely Scottish.

The bad :This casting seems to be a real jump – Stuart hasn’t done much consistent TV work, or film work. However, he’s got series experience playing a record number of policemen – on The Hustle, The Bill, and Taggart – could come in handy as colleague of DS Murray?

He also played ‘Man at Bar’ in Nathan Barley though. Jury’s out.

Adam Sinclair

The good : Also Scottish, Adam’s worked with teh gays before – he starred along side Laura Fraser in Nina’s Heavenly Delights. And he was gay cop Dan in As If, which was like Hollyoaks but liberal and actually entertaining.

The bad : His biggest role so far has arguably been Van Wilder 2 : The Rise of Taj.


What do we think folks? Anyone looking forward to this?

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Tuesday Top Ten… Things I’ve Learned from ex-Girlfriends

October 11, 2011LOVE-LIFE7 Comments

by Petit Fours
There was a stage in my life when I was so desperate to lay claim to a rich tapestry of sexual and emotional experience that I used to pretend girls I’d had a one-night stands with were my ex-girlfriends. It allowed me to roll my eyes and say things like “oh yes, my ex used to live in Ealing Broadway”, “oh yeah, she liked Rihanna” and “oh yeah my ex had brown hair.”

Well, I tried to stop talking about them at that point.

Anyway, time passed. I embarked on sexual relationships that endured longer than two weeks, involved conversations, and in the way of things started to accumulate ex-girlfriends.


I quickly realised that the glamorous world-weary thrill of being able to talk about “my ex” was severely tempered by the fact that breaking up with the woman in question was really painful, sent me back into a useless emo haze, bored the heck out of my friends and made me lose days stuck under a duvet, unwashed and tearful.

Worst of all, break-ups focus your mind on that cruellest crux of the human condition: that the things of this world are temporal and fleeting. I listened in Sunday School, I know this this stuff: The lord giveth and he taketh away, the pleasures of the world wither as do the summer grasses, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone and that we can’t hold the sands of time, they slip through our fingers. ETCEREA. Sometimes good things go away.

So: it turned out relationships failed and break-ups were difficult. Anyway. On the positive side, I learned things. 10 things.

1. It’s okay to hold hands in public

2. Reality TV is kind of fun

3. You can wear tampons at night and not get Toxic Shock Syndrome

4. Event management skills

5. Putting your CV on one page is more effective than lettting it sprawl on over 2 and a half

6. That “retro 80s bush” is not acceptable in the 21st century

7. Some sex things that I’m certainly not going to write about on the internet

8. That soy milk is actually nice, sweeter than normal milk, but that it goes off after about two weeks of waiting for your supposed girlfriend to come over and drink it.

9. That women are kind of great, but they just don’t always do what you want them to.

10. That it’s nice having a girlfriend and probably worth the existential pain of breaking up.

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