Same-Sex Penguin Couple Given An Egg To Raise!

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Inca and Rayas are now proud PAPAS!

The same sex penguin couple was getting depressed each time they built a nest and an egg never came to fruition.

Now, the Madrid Zoo has given them a chance at fatherhood!

Inca has taken on the mother role, incubating the egg that is due to hatch in June. Rayas plays the dad role, shooing away potential thieves and gawkers.

Caretaker Yolanda Martin explains the rationale of giving Inca and Rayas an eggs of their own:

We wanted them to have something to stay together for – so we got an egg.

Otherwise they might have become depressed.

So CUTEz!!! Congrats to the new parents!

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Tuesday Top Ten… Things I’ve Learned from ex-Girlfriends

October 11, 2011LOVE-LIFE7 Comments

by Petit Fours
There was a stage in my life when I was so desperate to lay claim to a rich tapestry of sexual and emotional experience that I used to pretend girls I’d had a one-night stands with were my ex-girlfriends. It allowed me to roll my eyes and say things like “oh yes, my ex used to live in Ealing Broadway”, “oh yeah, she liked Rihanna” and “oh yeah my ex had brown hair.”

Well, I tried to stop talking about them at that point.

Anyway, time passed. I embarked on sexual relationships that endured longer than two weeks, involved conversations, and in the way of things started to accumulate ex-girlfriends.


I quickly realised that the glamorous world-weary thrill of being able to talk about “my ex” was severely tempered by the fact that breaking up with the woman in question was really painful, sent me back into a useless emo haze, bored the heck out of my friends and made me lose days stuck under a duvet, unwashed and tearful.

Worst of all, break-ups focus your mind on that cruellest crux of the human condition: that the things of this world are temporal and fleeting. I listened in Sunday School, I know this this stuff: The lord giveth and he taketh away, the pleasures of the world wither as do the summer grasses, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone and that we can’t hold the sands of time, they slip through our fingers. ETCEREA. Sometimes good things go away.

So: it turned out relationships failed and break-ups were difficult. Anyway. On the positive side, I learned things. 10 things.

1. It’s okay to hold hands in public

2. Reality TV is kind of fun

3. You can wear tampons at night and not get Toxic Shock Syndrome

4. Event management skills

5. Putting your CV on one page is more effective than lettting it sprawl on over 2 and a half

6. That “retro 80s bush” is not acceptable in the 21st century

7. Some sex things that I’m certainly not going to write about on the internet

8. That soy milk is actually nice, sweeter than normal milk, but that it goes off after about two weeks of waiting for your supposed girlfriend to come over and drink it.

9. That women are kind of great, but they just don’t always do what you want them to.

10. That it’s nice having a girlfriend and probably worth the existential pain of breaking up.

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