Why I’m so Queer as if I had to prove it

I don’t understand why we should act a certain way/as the sex we were born.

Gender is a social construct

I like to take up space, I sit with my legs open, if I am alone I prefer to not wear pants, just my boy underwear sometimes. I even sit topless and forget I have these boob things

But I like my boobs, I like the way they look in my t-shirt I like that if I want I can push them up and they can fit in a dress if I should want to wear one. Cleavage is hot.

And I like when my partner is into them and I pretty much love to be touched on my chest, I love when my partner sleeps on my chest and I can hold them.

Sometimes I want to bind, I don’t have the right stuff since im packing a D cup but I try, and I like to wear studly fits that I scoped out of mens magazines and had to buy in the boys section since the mens doesn’t fit me right. I wish I could look more put together but it’s hard to find fitting clothes that help me attain what I want.

There really should be more queer androgynous stores, clothing, places to find what I want.

I choose androgyny mostly. But being so called really girly or really boyish are fun styles too and it’s a way to reclaim the fact that they shouldn’t just be for one sex or assigned gender. How people prescribe to what you should be is fucked up.

Mostly how I aim to present is how I feel about myself at any given moment; which changes. Mostly I feel androgynous and that’s what I like most.

I find people to be attractive. I am sexual. The end.

It doesn’t matter to me how someone dresses or what they do, it matters to me who they are.

Maybe I’m a part of a sexually evolved species and you are too, because it doesn’t matter what genitalia someone has or how they identify if it matches the worlds labels or notions or not.

I’m attracted to genuine. I’m attracted to those who are being true to themselves and what makes them happy. I am looking for a soul connection not some physical parts exam.

I get asked a lot if I’m open to being with biological men because I identify as Queer. And well, yeah I am. If I discriminated against someone based on their genitalia then how much better off would I be than a really narrow-minded heterosexual person. It’s not to say if you have a preference that is different than mine, more exact or specific in requirements of attraction, that you are wrong. This is just me talking about me.

I love being queer, because I love being free to be myself and be seen in a community that gets it.

If I want to shave my head and wear lipstick, which I’ve done, then I won’t be treated like an alien. But in societies where conformity wins, which is pretty much always the case, I might not be seen as attractive.

That’s ok with me. I’ve come to realize that not everyone will find me attractive but that’s not important. I am not just eye candy or decoration for people to evaluate. How I look should not determine my worth as a human being.

Anyway I just felt like I needed to write that. It feels good to claim queer more and to be more visible in the community and expressive around who I am.

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